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When it comes to build and grow your business you need very strong foundations.

The Freepreneur knows that the business build around customers (and their data) represent the best business. It looks like a magical formula, but it isn’t – it’s all about the foundations of every succesful business: a very good CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Software + a strong online presence (best hosting plus the best CMS  and related tools to build your fast website). Check out below for what we are using:


When it comes to CRM, the most important thing is to choose one that will help you grow your business from zero to infinity, which you will not have to change along the way.

At the same time, it needs to integrate as many tools as possible to automate the relationship with customers (throughout the entire process: awareness, interest, sales, after-sales service) and to be already tested in the market.

After many trials and years of using several such software, we use and recommend the only one that, in our opinion, incorporates all the above benefits.

Now is best time to start with it. There is a 14 days trial period and a special promotion for new accounts.


Nowadays, the quality of hosting services is very important because, if the website is not loaded in less than a second, you have all the chances that customers will not access it. Moreover, it must be accessible at all times.

For this reasons, hosting services must be chosen from a provider that is recognized for the availability of its servers, top security, often updates, fast technical support (preferably through 24/7 chat) and in several languages.

In recent years, we have tested the best of the best, according to the above criteria, and we recommend the one we use right now.

In this period they have very good promotion so today is the best day to start a new account and build your fast loading website.


Content Management System (CMS) represents a piece of software (or a tool) that helps you build a website without needing to know how to code.

By far, the best recommandation is WordPress, because it is free of charge and easy to install (the hosting provider that we recommend provide an easy-to-use self instalation tool).

Moreover, it has the vast majority of tools needed, trainings and developers who can help you for any biz you can imagine.

WordPress works with templates and we have tested those builted for beginners. We recommend the one who is easy to learn, use and adapt to all devices and business types – the one we use to build this website.

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